About Us

Grower’s Organic is a place where people can find the highest quality and freshest organic produce year around. We provide a vital link in the food chain between the consumer and farmers, while holding values of organic sustainability and environmental stewardship. Our people are dedicated to promoting fair trade and parity for farmers while sourcing grocers and restaurants with the finest and freshest produce.

The team we have assembled understands your needs and works hard to give you the service you expect and deserve. Our leader, Brian Freeman relocated to Colorado in 1991 while working with Gemini Natural Food Market and Cafe. Shortly after moving, he was hired to the management team for the opening of the Wild Oats Washington Park store where he spent the next five years of his career. It was also during this time that Brian assisted Green Earth Farm at various local farmers markets, increasing his knowledge of produce and retailing. As a founding member and proprietor of Grower’s Organic Brian is returning to the produce business he loves and is so passionate about.

Paul New of White Mountain Farm is also a founding member of our company and is a farmer at heart. Paul has been growing quinoa and potatoes on his own farm in Mosca, Colorado since 1985. His farm houses one of only two organic potato processing facilities in the San Luis Valley. Harvesting crop for large accounts such as Wal-Mart and Kroger has been a great educational experience for Paul and his farm. With Paul on our team we will now provide you with San Luis Valley potatoes in a new Organic Valley label!

Collectively our team has been distributing organic produce in the Denver area for 15 years. Our product knowledge and service in this industry are unparalleled. We are excited to work with you and to provide you with fresh organic produce.