Current Reality

Grower’s Mission:

Grower’s Organic is an organization that provides a vital link in the food chain between the consumer and local and small farmers, while holding values of organic sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Grower’s Organic, located in Denver, is one of Colorado’s 100% organic produce distribution companies and certified organic produce handler.  Our company purchases certified organic produce from more than fifty farmers in the local area and West Coast and supplies a customer base inclusive of retail stores, restaurants, and local co-ops.

Did You Know That Grower’s Organic…

  • is one of Colorado’s 100% organic produce distribution companies.
  • offers all employees access to a weekly food box.
  • recycles 75% of our post-consumer waste.
  • has personal relationships with our farms so we can learn more about the farmers, their processes and their products.
  • plans for a LEED certified warehouse that will use renewable energy to control both temperature and lighting, and will be constructed out of recyclable materials.
  • plans for constructing a greenhouse to serve as an educational platforms for students to learn about the importance of organic produce.
  • volunteer work at Cory and Sierra Elementary schools to educate kids on organic food.
  • volunteering at local farms.