The Daily Blurb – April 22, 2015

Good Morning Organic Friends and Happy Earth day!
45 years ago today the Earth Day movement began, with 20 million Americans taking to the streets to demonstrate a need for a healthy environment. We here at Grower’s would like to thank all of those who originally stood up to those polluting our air, water and land so many years ago. Today hundreds of millions of people are continuing their efforts and for that we are grateful. Grower’s Organic is proud to be doing our part in keeping our planet healthy and happy by being 100% Organic. Thank you to all our continued supporters for doing your part by going Organic and supporting our environment!

We have a few exciting items in house for you today with great prices:
Green Beans are looking beautiful
Wild Craft Black Morels from Oregon
Bulk Beets- Gold & Red.
Fresh Fava Beans
Bananas- with just the right color
Super Fresh Taylor Farms Salads
Asparagus, We have local coming in this week but we got a California farmers to give us a screaming price compared to others out there.

We have heard from several new restaurant customers that Grower’s Organic has been able to help them lower their food costs several points. Not only has their quality of product gone up but their costs are down. You can’t beat that! Thank you to those sharing these amazing facts with us!

Thank You for Your Support and GO ORGANIC!!

Local Food Summit 2015

Started in 2013, and taking place each winter, the Local Food Summit is Colorado’s largest gathering of local food producers, manufacturers, growers, retailers, and restaurateurs. This conference-style event provides industry-specific opportunities for engagement, community-building, education, and problem-solving. Summit content is typically focused around identifying gaps in a healthy local food economy, supporting and growing food-based businesses, discussing relevant local policy initiatives, and learning from successful industry leaders to identify best practices.

What’s New
We’re adding new sessions and ways of connecting with local food at this year’s summit, including:

– Keynote addres
ses by Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, Ann Cooper, Malik Yakini, Alan Lewis and DJ Cavem
- A screening of “Truck Farm” by SIE Film Center
- CSA fair
- Local food products exhibition and tasting
- Multi-media installations
- Breakout sessions hosted by local partners

Become a Local Food Summit Partner
We love our local food partners. They’re the people who make this event a success every year. If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, not only are you creating good food karma in Colorado for making this event financially possible, you also get some great benefits. Find out about them and contact us here:

2015 Food Summit Agenda
Monday, March 2
11:00 am Registration Open
12:00 – 12:45 pm Welcome and Keynote by Ann Cooper
1:00 – 2:30 pm Breakout sessions
2:45 – 4:15 pm Breakout sessions
4:30 – 5:30 pm Keynote address
11:00 am – 5:00 pm Exhibitors on site near Auditorium
5:00 – 8:00 pm CSA Fair at the JWU Event Center
7:00 pm Local food film screening at SIE Film Center

Tuesday, March 3
8:00 – 8:30 am Light breakfast options
8:30 – 8:45 am Local food film short by DJ Cavem
8:45 – 9:30 am Youth panel
9:45 – 10:30 am Keynote by Malik Yakini
10:45 am – 12:15 pm Breakout sessions
12:30 – 2:00 pm Local food product fair and lunch at JWU Event Center
2:15 – 4:00 pm Building a shared vision for Colorado’s Food System: World cafe session
4:00 – 4:30 pm Keynote address by Mayor Michael B. Hancock
4:30 – 5:30 pm What’s next: how we’re connecting in 2015

Special Thanks to our 2015 Local Food Summit Sponsors
Grower’s Organic
Johnson & Wales University
Rocky Mountain Farmers Union
Denver Dept of Environmental Health
CSU Colorado State University Extension
Maxfield’s \ Waste Farmers
Local Food Shift
Moye White
Queen Anne Bed & Breakfast

The Daily Blurb – November 6, 2014

Good Morning Organic Friends!

Well I’m not going to get all political on you, but what were we thinking by not getting the GMO labeling bill passed on Tuesday?

I know I’m speaking to the choir but we really let the uninformed win this one.

It’s almost like saying we don’t need to label anything because we can trust big conventional farms to do the right thing.

Or maybe we are saying that the FDA/UDSA will protect us. We have seen that protection before in our business.  It makes more sense to lower the number of years the soil needs to be free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides to 3 years from 7 years if you want to call your farm organic.

Oh wait, you don’t care about organic (then why are you reading this?) then maybe you have heard the latest—- Our government thinks it is ok to put a little antifreeze in your whiskey— wait, let’s do a study to find out how much antifreeze we can put in before people actually get sick…. I have a novel idea, why don’t we make it just like the European Recipe that doesn’t include any of this info? Easy answer— MONEY/PROFITS! Then is it funny we put down the Chinese government?

Ok, rant is over let’s talk produce…..

Apple a day—-

Well according to Washington Apple Growers Association this year’s apple crop is of MONSTER proportions.

This will prove to be exciting for all as we have already seen some unique varieties of apples.

Have you ever eaten a Caville Blanc, Spitzenburg or King David apple—My spell check doesn’t even know what to do with these words.

I know what to do—eat these tasty apples.

Citrus is coming back around- we have been patient with the Navels as the first Navels out to market have been heavily gassed and don’t have the flavor you want.

So hold on for flavor because we will have the Texas Rio Star Grapefruit in next week…….and because of the drought they are saying this is the sweetest crop of grapefruit they have had in years. Thank you South Texas and Dennis Holbrook

Leaf & Greens update—The weather in California is not helping the leaf market. There has been terrible mildew problem and it is causing problems on greens. The new crop in the desert was hurt due to above average rainstorms that interrupted planting schedules and hit hard the young plants already in the ground. Add some above average temps and it is a bit of trial for the growers. This has messed up the start and will keep prices higher on lettuces for the next two weeks, possibly longer.

Salad mix, baby arugala and romaine hearts are all having issues and the market will be short of quality product.

This year is going to be a very tough transition time as the dessert will be very slow to come on and we are heading into holidays. So expect the broccoli and cauliflower market to get a little dicey as all the vegi platters start ramping up for the holidays.

The Mexico areas are slowly starting with tomatoes and peppers, but off to a great start with  zucchini and cucumbers. Good quantities and great prices for our early winter enjoyment.

There are still several local items on our list so support you local farms strong to the finish.

Thanks for your support and GO ORGANIC!

The Daily Blurb-October 15, 2014

Good Morning Organic Friends!

Here is our midweek market update–
Apple Prices continue to drop as more varieties, sizes and quantities become available. Trucking remains very tight in the Northwest which is adding pressure to move the above average volume crop.

We have a great deal on Asian Pears from both Colorado and California… us and make a special sale for the weekend.

Think middle of the alphabet this week—Pineapples & Pomegranates for additional eye catchers at the store.

The Citrus market continues to come down also as the California and Mexico orchards are gearing up for the new season.

Lemon volume is expected to be up 20-25% while the Navel crop is getting mixed reports of volume due to the water shortage in California. Some say steady compared to last year, others say down….we say stay steady as we find out more.

There are a few out there that strive to be “first to market” but that can backfire due to harvesting immature fruit which doesn’t have the right flavor. The overall crop is ahead of normal schedule but some want to wait for latter part of the month to start for better brix. Grapefruit will start later next week out of California with Ruby Marsh. Get ready for Gerapefruit!

Lettuce prices are competitive but be careful and ask about the bunch size, some growers rushed into the field and are shipping tiny bunches. This due to the above normal temperatures that forces lettuce to “bolt” and get burnt inside. Farmers must keep moving to newer fields and that can mean smaller bunches as if you wait for size it is back to bolting and burn. Still think it is easy out there for a farmer?

Collards, Kales and Chards remain competitive from both Colorado and California.

Garlic market is tight especially with the California Organic being cheaper than Chinese so this has kept all the California growers keeping supply tight to make sure they get through their season with supplies.

Local Green Beans taste incredible right now and are competitively priced.

Broccoli remains firm but we should see some lower prices for next week.

Cauliflower remains higher priced due to light supplies, and sizes are more toward the smaller…..

Beets w/ tops and Carrots w/ Tops are unseasonably higher as the heat has challenged the growth for nice tops. This forces some to pack bulk pack more and earlier.

Leeks are tight although we did get a few LOCAL in, with more from California later this week.

Cucumbers have been in short supply, but we have a few due in and they will go fast…stay ahead and book ‘em fast before they are gone. We hope to see better supplies in 10-14 days.

Last but not least-great looking Local Zucchini & Yellow Squash!…and Local Hard Squash……and Local Peppers…..and more. Call in now for all the updates.

Thank You for Your Support and GO ORGANIC!

The Daily Blurb-October 14, 2014

Good Morning Organic Friends!

Well the heat is turned on here… seriously…most people in Colorado have turned on their heaters because of the cold wave that has come to the area. We are seeing all the mountain tops covered in snow. This could be great for next year’s crop but it’s reminding us that this year’s Local growing season is winding down. The Local lineup of Organics is narrowing in selection, but as long as we have them we will promote them!

Reading a few articles lately and these questions came up what do you think?
*-Are GMO’s and Organic like fire and water?
*- Who gave the big companies permission to experiment on us?
*- Why do 60+ other countries have bans on GMO’s when one of the largest Superpowers in the World acts like it’s safe?
*- If GMO’s have been proven to cause Cancer in several studies, why don’t we stop?
*- Why does corporate America think they can keep the masses in the dark?

We have so much to say on this area of concern, we could write a book on it but we have been told to keep it short & sweet with bullets. (Thanks Kim)

On the Fresh & Organic Local front here’s what’s new:
Colorado Fruit-
* Pears-Asian Pears & Harrow Sweet Pears
* Peaches- Thanks for coming in for these yesterday. The final lot is gone!
* Apples- Golden Delicious, Jonathon, Jonagold and coming at end of week-WINTER BANANA
Colorado Greens-
* Kales- Green & Dinosaur
* Parsley’s- Curly & Italian
Colorado Vegetables
* Green Beans***** super tasty & green
* Beets- Red, Chiogga
* Bunched Carrots
* Eggplant- Globe & Japanese
* Leeks
* Onions- Pearl (Red, White, Gold)
* Summer Squash- Yellow Straight & Zucchini
* Winter Squash- Butternut, Casperrita, Green Acorn, Spaghetti, Pie Pumpkin (Winter Luxury), Jack-O Lantern
* Tomatoes- Single layer, Clusters and Green
* Potatoes- Fingerlings (Rose & Banana), Yellows, Reds, Russets
* Peppers- Bells (Ivory, Green, Red & Purple), Mirasol, Jalapeno, Fresno, Padron, Habanero

From around the Country
” Pomegranates
” Lemons- The selects looks like #1
” Bunched Spinach
” Cabbage- Red & Green
” Cauliflower
” Pink Radish

There are lots of great things coming so check in often to stay in the know.
More new Organic items by the end of week—with a brand new addition to the lineup at the end of the week-stay tuned!

Thank you for your support and GO ORGANIC!