Nominations Needed for Grower’s Organic Awards

Full Circle Farm, Longmont CO

One way to support your favorite organic restaurant, grocer, and grower is to buy their products. Another great way to to support them is to make sure “Award Winning” precedes their name!

Nominate the best of the best for the premier Grower’s Organic Awards!

Best Local Organic RESTAURANT

  • Award 1: Best use of seasonal organic products
  • Award 2: Most resourceful use of organics
  • Award 3: Most beneficial use of on-site organic garden

Best Organic GROCERS

  • Award 1: Best selection of organic produce available
  • Award 2: Most informative to consumers (provisions of organic recipes, organic knowledge, etc.)
  • Award 3: Best community involvement (by employees)

Best Organic GROWERS

  • Award 1: Most exotic item grown by organic farmers
  • Award 2: Exemplifies employee support
  • Award 3: Community involvement (educational aspects, field trip availability, etc.)

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Nomination Deadline: September 24, 2012

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