GOBOX Kick off


Grower’s Organic has been providing grocery stores   and restaurants with organic produce for the last 12   years. Now, starting March 3rd, we will make fresh, organic produce available to the public by offering weekly boxes of seasonal produce, “GOBOXES”, to be picked up at our Denver headquarters at 6400 Broadway, Unit 11, on Fridays 11am-4pm, and Saturdays 11am-2pm, as well as a mini market (only open during pick up hours) selling additional fresh, organic and local products.


Though the GOBOX is similar to other CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) models, customers will only need to decide to opt-in four days before picking up a box, rather than subscribing to an entire season up front.

Customers will also have the opportunity to shop for other items at the Grower’s Organic mini market, such as locally-made tortillas, Rocky Mountain jams from Plum Daisy, eggs from Cottonwood Creek, Morning Fresh milk, Sherpa Chai, juices from Big B’s Fabulous Juice, Happy Leaf Kombucha, Boulder Organic Coffee, Califia milks, Cliffhouse Kombucha, grains and nuts that Grower’s Organic sells year-round, and extra organic produce. The boxes will also contain recipe cards, advice, and expert cooking tips to give customers ideas for what to cook with their Box.

Small GOBOXES ($22 each) are perfect for 1-2 people, large boxes ($32) are made for 3-4 people. Customers will be able to preview each week’s contents on Grower’s Organic Facebook page before opting-in.  Grower’s Organic products are delivered on a daily basis, so they are incredibly fresh.

The GOBOX is a natural next step for Grower’s Organic, a small, locally-owned company that focuses on sourcing and distributing the highest quality organic and sustainable foods from small family farms from Colorado to California.

Founder Brian Freeman says: “We’re passionate about organic produce and products, and the GOBOXES and the mini market allow us to bring healthy, fresh organics directly to the public. Going organic also betters the health of the environment by increasing biodiversity, promoting soil health, and reducing chemical run.”

In the weeks after the initial launch of the standard GOBOX, Grower’s Organic will expand its line of offerings with The Pretty Ugly Box, The Native Box and The Chef’s Box. The Pretty Ugly Box will contain discounted, “non-perfect, but perfectly tasty” food items to help reduce food waste. Made for the proud locavore, the Native Box will contain only Colorado-grown items. The Chef’s Box will be tailored to the chef or home-cook who likes to cook with higher-end specialty items.

Join Our Produce Box Program!



New and exciting things are happening here at Grower’s Organic! In the coming weeks we are kicking off our 2017 produce box program and on-site farmers market. Established in 2005, Grower’s Organic is a place where you can find the highest quality and freshest organic produce year around. We provide a vital link in the food chain between the consumer and farmers, while embracing organic sustainability and environmental stewardship. We are dedicated to promoting fair trade and parity for farmers while sourcing the freshest produce.

Why join our produce box program?

1)  Support local: Grower’s Organic is a small, locally owned company that focuses on sourcing and distributing organic and sustainable foods. We offer a wide variety of products from Colorado and beyond.

2)  Get fresh: Our products are delivered on a daily basis. We are committed to providing the highest quality ingredients.

3)  Help the environment: Going organic betters the health of the environment by increasing biodiversity, promoting soil health, and reducing chemical run and more!

5)  Try new foods: Not sure how to use that kohlrabi? Don’t worry, we have you covered. We will give you ideas of how to use the produce in your box on a weekly basis. Recipes, advice, and expert cooking tips to get you started.

6)  Know where your food is coming from: We will give you the inside scoop. We support small farms from Colorado to California, and stay as regional as possible. Chat with us about the farms we source our produce from and the products they put their hearts into.


We believe in the power of good, organic food and we are looking forward to connecting with YOU on a weekly basis!

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Pineapple Sale – this week only! 1/23 – 1/27




8ct PINEAPPLE – $25.90 this week only!


38# CHOICE MEYER LEMONS – great price!

PEARS – Bosc, D’Anjou, Red






A cold and unstable air mass moved in Monday afternoon with rain showers and hunderstorms. Thunderstorms can produce strong down burst, periods of heavy rain, hail and lightning.
An upper-level trough will follow today (Tuesday) with more rain showers.
High pressure is then expected to build back into the region Wednesday and should produce night and morning Santa Lucia (offshore) winds and dry weather through next Sunday.

Items heavily affected so far – Romaine and Baby Arugula. Both items will be tight this week. Chefs – let me know qty’s you’ll need for the end of the week on the Arugula, and I will work to keep enough in house.

Mangos are getting further into their season, so we should start to see the Ataulfos and Tommy Atkins in the next few weeks. The Kents have been really tasty.
We are also starting to see more varieties of MX Melons coming in.

Lastly, keep in mind it’s Spring in Mexico! If you want to get a headstart on any spring items like English Peas or Green Garlic, let me know and we can start bringing those in house.












Do you want to join a fun and hardworking team of people who care deeply about Organic fruits and veggies? Do you want to learn more about the industry and work with chefs, restaurants, and Co-ops?

We’re hiring for ALL POSITIONS – Warehouse, Drivers, Sales.

Send your resume to and let us know what you can bring to the table!

The Freight Farm has Landed!

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Our partner, Callender Farms dropped a freight farm container on site today.

With luck, we’ll harvest our first baby lettuce before the end of the year, and will start experimenting with tiny veggies soon after.

We are now the only distributor in Colorado who grows produce on-site!