“When Fuel first opened, I had the intention of slowly transitioning from conventional to organic food. That was quickly put on a fast track to nearly 100% organic commitment through my talks with Brian Freeman. I had always been committed to eating organically at home, but it is hard to operate a restaurant that way financially. After talking with Brian numerous times, he convinced me that he is interested in doing what it takes to help all restaurants find ways and reasons to afford organic produce. If you want to know why we all should be eating organic and GMO free, Brian is able to provide convincing arguments without being too pushy. Within one year, we were on a fast path to being 100% organic for all of our produce. And we have maintained a food cost of below 32% at the same time.

In addition to Brian, the entire staff at Growers is committed to eating organically. They all take great pride in the quality of their produce and their commitment to sourcing organically. If you are looking to plan your seasonal menu, call Bruno, Christa or Jessica and they are happy to give you a heads up about the upcoming surprises. Whenever it comes to customer service, the entire staff has always been willing to go the extra mile. Even to the point of dropping off a special order on their way home from work.”

Bob Blair
Cook/Owner Fuel Cafe


“In 2008, a new resident of Colorado, I was working as a national restaurant consultant, helping a client establish a restaurant in Denver. The restaurant was to be organic and to try as much as possible to utilize local produce in the creation of the menu items.

At that time, I had been working as a restaurant consultant for nearly a decade in cities all over the country, predominantly for clients that were interested in the organic and locavore trends that were gaining in popularity in the food world. I did not know what to expect when I started my search for a Denver company to provide those products for the new enterprise, but I will admit that I did not have much optimism in what I would find. Because of the “trendy” factor of the organic and local needs, my experience in other markets was that often the produce/food companies might advertise their commitment to such ways, but their actual practices were often NOT true to that commitment.

So a Google search revealed Grower’s Organic to me and my immediate impression of the company was one of quality and integrity in regard to the products it sells and the service it offers. That initial opinion has only grown and solidified in the three years that I have been a customer. I am involved in a new venture now, again one of an eco-friendly, organic and local business model and again, Grower’s Organic continue to impress me with their quality, focus and support of those ideals.

I am an early riser, often awake at 3:00 in the morning getting ready for my day. One such day, I awoke with a panicked ‘I forgot to place my produce order last night!’. So I dialed Grower’s Organic, prepared to grovel in to the answering machine. To my surprise, Brian Freeman answered the phone. So, a friendly voice to speak to in the middle of the night and a beautiful organic produce delivery later that morning…what more could one ask for in regards to customer service and business integrity?

Unfortunately, the success of ‘green’ ideas still tends to invite companies to ‘greenwash’ their products and services; to offer less than what they promise. Fortunately for those of us in Denver, Grower’s Organic is everything they promise in their beautiful organic produce, partnerships with local growers and high level of quality service.”

Pizza Fusion

“My husband, Jeff, and I first discovered Growers Organic at the Cherry Creek Farmers Market over 4 years ago. We were in the process of opening our first restaurant together and looking for organic and local produce to serve in our restaurant. Once discovering GO we have never felt a need or desire to find another supplier for all of our produce. The quality of GO’s produce is consistent, reliable, and superb. The customer service is incredible and personable. The aspect that we appreciate most about GO is their concerted effort to support local, small, and sustainable growers and suppliers. They have stayed true to this goal no matter how big they have become over the years. We are loyal to GO and feel appreciated by them for this loyalty. We will be with GO as long as we are both in business.“

Jenni Rogoff
Sazza Restaurant


“I just have to put in a good word for your employees that I interact with every week–Pam in sales, Keith as my “go to guy” and Lee who delivers every Thursday.  Everyone is  fantastic!  You really have the element of great, personal,  friendly and concerned customer service on top of  great product. Keith, especially has gone above and beyond for us on many occasions, just today traveling across town to pick up some tortillas for our stressed deli manager (and last week picking up some Hazel dell mushrooms for us, same situation).  Everyone here thinks he is just fantastic! Thanks again for your partnership, and for having great employees.“

Fort Collins Co-Op


“Brian and his exceptional crew have been instrumental in making our menus as local, green, and sustainable as possible. Growers Organic’s core values are very similar to ours in that they care about the environment, community, employees, and quite frankly, great produce! Because of that I consider GO not only a valued purveyor, but also family.”

Matt Selby
Vesta Dipping Grill