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Three Happy Customers

We were just tuned into the fact that Grower’s has received some honorable mentions on the internet. Thanks, fellow organics!

  • Josh Barhaug of Fired Up told Westword that Grower’s is a great alternative to local farmers’ markets!
  • Parsley called Grower’s “highly respected” and credited us as their main produce supplier!
  • Source Juice Company also mentioned Grower’s as an integral link between local farm and local manufacturing!

We always love to hear of a happy customer and it’s really great to hear about three at once! Thanks to all who share our beliefs in a healthy and organic marketplace.

The Fruit that Breathes Fire

POP QUIZ! What in the world is that beautiful freaky thing shown above?

  1. A decorative fighting fish…?
  2. A comet escaped from Fantasy land…?
  3. ORGANIC Dragon fruit arriving at Grower’s this very weekend!

Be fierce! Call now to partake of this exotic harvest. 303-299-9500

New Product Alert!: Nancy’s Yogurt, Kefir, and Sour Cream

There’s a new product in town! Grower’s is excited to now offer Nancy’s Cultured Dairy, organic and delicious dairy (and soy) from Springfield Creamery in Oregon.

Check our order guide or give us a call for details on all in-stock products:

    Kefir (Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry), 8oz or 32oz cases
    Yogurt, Plain (Whole Milk), 32oz/64oz cases or 5 gallon pail
    Yogurt, Vanilla (Non-Fat), 32oz case or 2 gallon pail
    Sour Cream, 64oz case or 5 gallon pail

Click HERE to see all of Nancy’s delightful goods. As always, let us know if you see something else you need. We strive to become your #1 organic probiotic supplier! 303-299-9500