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Bell Pepper, Bell Pepper, Bell Pepper!

We love the bells, we do. Besides being so tasty and crisp, they’re also loaded with nutrients. Did you know that one cup of raw bell pepper delivers nearly 200% of your recommended daily vitamin C?

Give us a call to talk about our bell varieties – orange, green, red, yellow – all in 5 to 25 pound quantity. We’ve got your antioxidant needs covered!

Tips for Cleaning Squash Seeds

Here’s a few quick pre-roasting tips for all you seed snackers:

  1. Soak seeds in warm water before cleaning.  The warm water softens the goopy pith, making it very easy to remove.
  2. Don’t put the pith down the garbage disposal!  All that stringy starch is bad news for your machinery.

Check out the numerous and lovely squash varieties now available at Grower’s Organic.  The Red Kuri (pictured above) yielded plump tasty seeds and it made a great soup too!