Local Roasted Chiles are Back!

October 30, 2016



Many of you have noticed the lack of items from our good farmer friend, Joe Lippis this year. He decided to take the year off (well deserved when you’re in your 70’s). Not only have we missed his amazing squash this time of year, but this is usually when we all would be so excited about his local roasted chiles.
Well, do not fear, Chef friends. we have several farms stepping up to the plate – Spanos Farm from Denver, and Berg Harvest from Paonia (yes, the same Berg Harvest who has been providing the amazing Honeycrisp Apples!).
Just like in the past, the chiles come frozen in a 5# bag; perfect for making batches of soup, queso, chilis, sauches, you name it. We’ve even them used in pancakes, frittatas, or grilled cheese sammies.
So far, we have received the Big Jims and Poblanos, with more varieties arriving this week!

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