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June 26, 2018

As I was growing up on my family’s diversified farm in Central Nebraska during the eighties, an era of double digit interest rates and high farmer debt, trying to make a living via agriculture appeared to be a fool’s game and a thing of the past.  If the economy didn’t do you in, it seemed that the weather would.  Our entire living was based on things out of our control.  Yet, my dad would always say, “People will always need to eat”, and he seemed content with that.  Moreover, he was proud to be a farmer and what he helped give life to from the earth.

My Dad (far right) and his 2 brothers Don (left) and Bert (middle) selling crimson sweet watermelons at our original roadside stand circa late 1950s.

I loved raising animals in particular, but I was sixth in line of seven kids and so it appeared that there was no room for me to farm long-term with my family even if I decided to.  I concluded that any sensible recent high school graduate would get a business degree and enjoy...

Quite a variety of organic product on the order guide isn’t it? What may be one stop shopping for you is a bit different from the purchasing side when bringing it to our warehouse (distribution point.) Let’s start with vegetables. Yes we know it grows in the field but how does it get into that box to you? When the commodity has reached it’s  point of maturity for harvest, it takes a crew that starts very early in the morning (if working in the afternoon when it is warm tends to decrease the life of the product) to size up the veg, cut it and bunch it into 12ct or 24ct (or naked 12ct or 24ct heads). Wait, it’s a cauliflower field. We have to size up uniform heads of 9ct, 12ct or 16ct. Or is it broccoli..why then we make it 14ct (bunched) or loose broccoli crowns. There are others (celery can be 24ct, 30ct, 36ct and even 48ct which is very small size) but safe to say when you read thru the guide you will see it marked as count most of the time, but we even have some product lines listed...

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October 15, 2018

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