Grower's Organic Farm Spotlight — Field to Fork Farm

July 19, 2017

Connectivity is important to us. We believe that people should know where their food comes from. For more than a decade, we have committed ourselves to sourcing the highest quality organic produce and putting it into the hands of the people.


We couldn't do this without our amazing Colorado organic farmers that grow amazing fruit and vegetables every year. These farm spotlights are meant to champion those farmers who are helping make Colorado a more healthy, sustainable (and delicious!) place. 




We're honored to introduce you to Scott and Jessica Washkowiak— the owners of Field to Fork Farm in Palisade, Colorado. They have practiced organic agriculture for more than a decade together, but Scott has been in the field since 1998. He grew up working on a big conventional farm in Illinois, and he said it provided a clear window to see the need for more farmers to grow food, not ingredients.


The couple met in 2005 in Breckenridge, Colorado, and moved to San Diego in 2008 to garden and farm.


"The life in southern California— working on organic farms and eating wonderfully— became addicting and we soon wanted our slice of the organic life for us to call our own. In 2012, we started as a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm for our first growing season as Field To Fork," the couple explained. 


They wanted their product to be just what their name states,  and they met that goal: to provide fresh produce to customers that is harvested hours before.


Now, Field to Fork is a diverse farm and with 10 acres of mixed, annual fruit and vegetable crops. They focus on gourmet specialty products and also have a small orchard of mixed stone and pomme fruit—heritage cherries, peaches, plums, nectarines, apricots, apples and pears. In the winter of 2016, they added 8,000 square feet of greenhouses—an addition that will help them grow greens in the early spring and fall and heirloom tomatoes in the summer.


How long have you been working with Grower's Organic? Why do you choose to work with them specifically?

This is our first season working with Growers Organic, and we chose them because we felt we all had the same mission of providing great-quality, fresh produce and specialty crops. We also felt that someone finally wanted to give us chance and work on building a relationship that can benefit both of us onto the future.


We are very interested in growing for chefs and wholesale organic markets, and we're very excited to start working with Growers Organic. Our farm has been in transition trying to receive our the Organic Certification, but this spring we completed the requirements.


Why is organic produce so important?

Knowing that we are not contributing to pollution of our rivers, streams and lakes as well as providing a clean nutrient dense product is important to us. We also live and work on our farm and we want to work in a health environment as well as a healthy place for a son to live and play.


What's your advice for someone looking to incorporate more organic foods into their diet?

Just. Do. It! Vote with your dollars and vote for healthier food for you and me.


What do you wish people knew about organic produce? About organic farming?

That it takes more time and more supplies and tools to grow organically than conventionally. Our overhead is much higher, and organic produce is more expensive because is takes a lot more effort to grow.


What are you most excited about this summer on the farm?

July is a really hard, long, hot month in Mesa County, and we are a bit in-between seasons. We are waiting on so many crops to mature, and we are mostly excited to start heading into harvest season and start selling more produce to Growers Organic.


We are also excited for the fall season and growing cool seasonal crops like radish and heirloom spinach. The fall growing is so fantastic in Palisade — we have long Indian summers, and the stress of the heat is gone— as well as the stress from the bugs and weeds. In the fall, we don’t need much labor and we think this fall is going to be really strong for us. So we are excited to push hard over the next few weeks to be able to offer a great fall harvest.



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