A Coloradan's Guide to Eating Your Greens

August 16, 2017

We've heard it since we were young, eating in highchairs— "Eat your greens!" With visions of Popeye eating canned spinach to grow stronger, it's been ingrained in our minds for as long as we can remember. But, as adults, we've thankfully expanded outside of canned spinach!


Grower's Organic carries more than 30 types of fresh, organic greens throughout the year — from Colorado and our surrounding regions. We can't get enough of these nutrient-dense superfoods, and we hope that this guide will help you squeeze more greens into your diet too. 




Photo courtesy of Shutterstock. 


So we know the rules, but have you heard the reasons why? With more and more people turning to trendy multivitamins for nutrients, we're inclined to point them back to the good ole' green stuff. 


Dark, leafy greens are an incredible low-calorie source of vitamins and minerals, including: 

  • Vitamin A - supports immune function, vision, cell growth and more

  • Vitamin C - supports skin health, immunity and iron absorption 

  • Vitamin K - supports blood clotting, a healthy heart and bones

  • Vitamin E - supports immune system by protecting cells, heart, eyes, etc.

  • ... and that's not even mentioning fiber, calcium, magnesium, potassium and more! 

Greens help us feel better from the inside out. As our Sales Manager Emily Kutosky puts it, "Greens are great for so many reasons. They give you energy, promote good digestion and contain essential vitamins. Sometimes our CEO Brian will just grab a romaine heart on his way out the door to munch on during his drive. They simply make you FEEL GOOD and improve everything from your skin, to your vision, to your brain."



Photo courtesy of Field to Fork Farm.  


Now that you're sold on the health benefits, let's talk about where to get them. 


At Grower's Organic, we carry more than 30 types throughout the year, but they're always organic. Greens are one of the foods on the Environmental Working Group's "Dirty Dozen" list, meaning they're more susceptible to pesticide residue and are one of the most recommended produce items to be eaten organically. 


If you're not buying from us directly through our GOBOX program, always seek out the greens with a USDA certified organic label at the grocery store. 


After organic is secured, we love to highlight local growers native to Colorado. During the summer and early fall, we work with local organic Colorado farms like Isabelle Farm, Fossil Creek, White Mountain, Ring-A-Ding Farm and Field to Fork to provide local baby mixes, salanova, quinoa greens, chards, kales and collards to Colorado restaurants, grocery stores and residents. 


[READ: Farmer's Spotlight on Field to Fork Farm.]




Photo courtesy of Vice.


Once you have the right greens, here are some helpful tips for getting you started:


How to Wash Fresh Greens by Bon Appetit

Best Ways to Store Salad Greens by The Kitchn

7 Ways to Eat More Greens Daily by Chalkboard Magazine

A Visual Guide to Cooking Greens by Epicurious


What are you making with greens this week? Share photos with us using #GrowersOrganic, and you could be featured on our social media! 


Interested in having organic greens given to you every week as part of our weekly GOBOX program? Sign up here




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