Grower's Organic Partner Spotlight — The Kitchen

September 20, 2017

Connectivity is important to us. We believe that people should know where their food comes from. For more than a decade, we have committed ourselves to sourcing the highest quality organic produce and putting it into the hands of the people. Oftentimes, that's through our wonderful restaurant partners across Colorado— ones that share our mission for organic food. These partner spotlights are meant to champion those businesses that are helping make dining in Colorado a more healthy, sustainable (and delicious!) experience. 



Grower’s Organic has worked with The Kitchen Denver since the very beginning, but we’ve rekindled our relationship when Chef Jeffrey Webb joined their team.

We love seeing familiar faces pop up at different restaurants, and when Chef Jeff joined The Kitchen eight months ago, we were thrilled. 


In Chef Jeff's own words: "I’ve been working with Brian and Grower's for about 10 years at several different venues.  At The Kitchen Denver, we order everything from Grower's that we are not getting from our farm partners. From mirepoix to incredibly seasonal produce, they are our main produce vendor year round."


Our partnership with Chef Jeff and The Kitchen Restaurants, as well as their sister restaurants Next Door and Hedge Row, just makes sense. Our missions align — they support American farms and real organic food, and so do we. In a nutshell, they put their trust in our quality and service, and we trust them to make amazing food out of the ingredients we provide. We do our very best to take care of this group.


Chef Jeff is always down to try new things. He’s one of the first chefs we contact when we get interesting items in. It’s nice to work with someone who enjoys unique ingredients and supporting the small farms who grow them.


We caught up with Chef Jeff to talk about our partnership, and what you can look forward to seeing at The Kitchen this fall. 


 Photo of Chef Jeffrey Webb courtesy of The Kitchen. 



Why is organic produce so important to the restaurant's success and core values?  

The Kitchen brand has built relationships with the local farming community from day one. Organic, sustainable farming highlights our core values and is the most important component for the success of our restaurant.


Why do you choose to work with Grower's Organic?

I’ve built a relationship with Growers through the years and they have always had reps that are the best in the city at getting the newest seasonal ingredients. Their order sheets include pictures and are updated daily with the newest items. Quite often the reps are stopping by the restaurant with new product samples, answering questions and providing  the answers to our individual needs.


What do you wish people knew about organic produce?

I think that sustainability would be the most important aspect of organic produce to convey. If we as a population keep farming with Monsanto pesticides, the soil will be un-farmable, and the water will be unusable. Without responsible organic farming, the face of produce will decline. Allergies and food born illnesses will rise, and our heirloom varietals will disappear.


What are you most excited about this fall?

We will be participating in Harvest Week at The GrowHaus. We are particularly excited about this event because it highlights local farms, local restaurants and indigenous ingredients. We are doing the dessert course and will be using hyssop and puffed amaranth as some of our native ingredients. 


Photo of Chef Jeffrey Webb courtesy of The Kitchen. 


The Kitchen is located at 1530 16th Street, Denver. For more information on their menu and hours, click here. For more information on Harvest Week and other ways to support local farmers this fall, click here.



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